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August Guidance - Pick a Card

Here is your guidance for the August pick a card found in the Celestial 333 monthly newsletter. You may also work with the crystal selected this month to empower and align yourself with the highest potential this month. 

Decks used: The Crystal Intentions Oracle, available on Celestial 333, the Conscious Spirit Oracle and the Everyday Witch Oracle.

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Rose Quartz 

You are in a period of opportunity and new beginnings right now. You have options to start something new that is aligned with your hearts desires. This could be in love, a career/business or something else in the physical realm. Whatever it is, it will be something that can be identified with one or more of the 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, hear, see). 


Your new beginning will require a plan and strategy. It will also require patience and belief in yourself. Be kind to yourself, this journey is supposed to make you happy. If you find yourself stressing over this new opportunity, take a step back and remember why you are starting. If it’s not for love, then you are probably focused on the wrong idea/option. 



There is a strong need to focus on strengthening your Solar Plexus chakra. You could have been manifesting powerfully on the Leo new moon as well. The energy surrounding you will assist in healing any doubts in yourself. You already have what it takes to live your best life. This assistance may come in the form of challenges that require you to face your fears, or follow your gut instincts on a decision. 


You will need to have a great deal of faith and trust in the Universe/Divine. However, you will need to have the most trust in yourself because this path will not be greatly illuminated. Your courage will have to bring you through the darkest periods. This is about your future and the foundation you are willing to create for it.


Leopardskin Jasper

You are filled with passion right now and you have all the energy to live a happy life right now. However there is a message of needing to ground yourself as well. Fire energy is best when it is kept in balance. We all know what can happen when a fire loses control. That exciting and chill bonfire can turn into a forest fire with one wrong move. 


With that being said, this is a prosperous time for you whether you recognize it or not. Enjoy this period and all the prosperity that comes with it. The best advice is to stock pile some of that so that when the peak starts to go down you don't hit rock bottom. Instead you can gracefully take a back seat until the roller coaster of life starts inclining again. 


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