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4 Ways to Connect with the Earth's Frequency

The Earth has its own unique frequency of energy vibration, which can have transformative effects on your life when you connect with it. And, some locations (such as sacred sites, power places, ley lines, manmade places, or natural formations) are better than others for connecting with this powerful energy because they have a concentrated, amplified, spiritual energy with transformational power—and often a connection to the divine. Connecting to these places can lead you to higher levels of consciousness and a deeper, wiser understanding of life. Earth's frequency can also provide you with healing energy should you need it.

Have you ever visited a place and sensed a feeling of peacefulness? Or perhaps you felt a vibration coming from the ground beneath your feet, or the air suddenly had a different quality about it that sent your intuition into overdrive? The ability to sense the energy of other people and the energy of the Earth falls under the category of being an empath. Many highly sensitive empaths find it difficult to be in a crowded room because they feel overwhelmed by the energy and emotions of so many people at once. If the energy of the place is strong as well, then those feelings can be multiplied.

The best way to learn to connect with Earth's frequency is to begin with your own frequency. Being able to differentiate between your own energy, the energy and emotions of others, and the energy of the place can help you separate the feelings so you can deal with them one at a time, which prevents you from draining your own energy. When you know what your own frequency feels like at a soul level then you have a great starting point in recognizing other frequencies around you. Learning to recognize that any energy coming from outside of you (and not from within you) will help you recognize that the energy is coming from another person or from a place.

Let's take a look at four different techniques you can use to connect with sacred sites, power places, vortexes—or any place where Earth's frequency is found.

1. Visiting Sacred Sites.
When choosing locations to visit in person, start with ones that you feel drawn to and are close to where you live. Plan an entire day for the trip to the location so you don't feel pressed for time. When you arrive, pay attention to even the smallest details of the place. Notice the plants, any structures (both natural and manmade), and allow yourself to wander around. As you do, open your senses to the energy around you. Make note of any physical things you feel, like a tingling on the back of your neck, goosebumps on your arms, feelings of pressure on your body, or any changes to your internal temperature that make you feel hot or cold. Often you'll experience a connection to the energy of a place unexpectedly when you touch something at the location or simply by walking through a vortex of energy, which often makes it feel like a chill just ran through your soul. Being aware of the energy around you enables you to feel even the slightest changes in the frequency of the place. You may even feel like you need to go back through the area again just to confirm the energy changes you felt the first time.

If there aren’t any specific locations near you, taking a walk in nature will allow you to find new power places. You'll know because you'll feel a change in the energy, whether slight or strong, that heightens your intuitive awareness. It will make you feel more energized but will also bring about a feeling of peacefulness and a deep connection to the Earth's energy at that moment in time. You don't always have to visit famous sites to be transformed by Earth's frequency. You may encounter a place right in your own neighborhood that resonates so deeply within you that it is transformative.

2. Connecting Remotely
For many people it may not be possible, (possibly due to time, health, or financial constraints) to just drop everything and book a flight to a far-off place on the other side of the planet to visit distant lands. You can still benefit from Earth's frequency in far away locations by remotely connecting to the energy of the place. There are several ways to establish a remote connection to sacred sites and power places around the world. Begin by looking at pictures of the area, watching videos of the place, reading the history of the area, including information about what life is like for the people who live there now and what it was like for people during ancient times. Make sure to include pictures and information about any specific parts of the area that the locals believe to be sacred, divine, or holy.

Reading about the place, its history, and gathering more information will give you an overall understanding of the location. (There is a lot of this information already included in the book Earth Frequency, so you don't have to do a ton of research on your own.) Once you've gotten an overview of the place, open your senses, allow your intuition to heighten, and look at the information you've collected; then try to feel the energy associated with the place. Make note of how it vibrates and moves through you. Can you pick up specific feelings of positivity or the energy of the people who lived there? If the site was used for sacrifices or war you may feel the fear of the people or their strength and determination. If the area is home to a vortex, you may feel its frequency move around and through your own energy, lifting it up and transforming it into even higher and more powerful frequencies.

3. Visualization Techniques.
Using creative visualization while visiting a sacred site or power place can increase the frequency connection between your inner spiritual self and the power held within the frequency of the place. When visualizing, it is important to always be clear and focused with your intention from the beginning when you recognize the energy of the place, until the end when you disconnect from the place in your mind's eye. Set a specific intention prior to beginning. For instance, if you want to use creative visualization to visit the pyramids of Giza, what do you intend to accomplish? Do you want to view the chambers within the pyramids, or do you prefer to stay outside and interact with the grounds? Would you like to tune in to the vortex energy of a place, or maybe you'd prefer to experience the energy imprint left by those who lived there during ancient times, or maybe you'd like to do both? Sometimes it's good to just go into the exercise with the intention of, "Show me what I need to know or feel" and let the Universe guide you.

Due to the sensitive nature of empaths and intuitives, you might find that doing a creative visualization technique is too overwhelming. If this is the case, then I recommend doing what I call a Filter Shield Visualization. This exercise helps you to gradually acclimate to strong energies held within a sacred site or power place. If you're physically in the place, walk away from it until you no longer feel overwhelmed. If you're remotely connecting with the place, then imagine that you're distancing yourself from the place until you no longer feel affected by its energy. Now, using creative visualization, build a circular brick wall around you making sure to close it above your head. Now move back toward the center of the site where the energy was overwhelming you, knowing that the energy will no longer affect you because it can't penetrate the wall. Now imagine tiny holes being created in the wall to allow the energy to come though a little at a time. These holes are your filtering device and will only allow so much energy to make its way to you. Gradually imagine more and more holes opening, while giving yourself time to adjust to the higher strengths until you can bring down the wall and not feel overwhelmed. You may feel the need to leave some of the filter shield in place while visiting the site instead of bringing it all down, and that's perfectly fine, too.

4. Chakra Connections.
Just as we all have a chakra system within our body, the Earth, too, has its own unique chakra system. When you connect your chakras to the frequency of the Earth, you can clear and stabilize your own chakras. To do this, you'll first find a place at the site where the frequency feels very strong and where you can sit quietly (whether in person or if you're remotely visiting) and feel the energy of the place. Now, close your eyes and feel the site's energy move upward into your body to your root chakra. Imagine it moving in sync with your energy as it cleanses negativity and balances the energy within the chakra so it moves easily and freely within you. Once you feel that the chakra is clear, imagine Earth's frequency moving in the opposite direction within your chakra, with the intention of removing any leftover negativity that may have been hiding. When all negative energy has been discovered, imagine Earth's frequency flowing back in sync with your chakra's energy flow. Do this for each of your chakras; once you have fully cleansed the crown chakra imagine the chakra closing, retaining part of Earth's frequency within it, and then move back down your body doing the same for each of your chakras. Once you've closed the root chakra, imagine Earth's frequency flowing back into the ground, taking all the negativity it cleansed from your chakras with it. Before you open your eyes, take a moment to feel how Earth's frequency has attuned and balanced your chakras. Thank the Earth for sharing its energy with you, and disconnect your energy from Earth's frequency. When you're ready, open your eyes, stand up, and enjoy the rest of your time at the site.

Taking the time to visit these sacred sites and power places and experiencing Earth's frequency in these locations can give you inner peace, bring clarity of your soul's purpose, and bring more abundance to your life. Sometimes it can be so transformative that you look at life differently after the experience. Embark on a path of self-discovery through interaction with Earth's frequency for a wonderful, spiritual experience that can bring many positive changes to your life.


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