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Take Action with the Court Cards: What They Mean in a Spread

What do you do when you pull a court card in the outcome or action position in a tarot spread? Do you pull another card out to help get more clarification? (A total legit thing to do, BTW.) Do you pretend it didn't happen, put the court card back in the deck, and pick another card? Or do you learn how to use the tarot court to problem-solve, get unstuck, and move forward?

There is a wealth of knowledge that the tarot court cards have, and they want to empower you and your tarot clients when they come up in a reading. Yes, sometimes they can be sassy, blunt, brash, and confusing, but that is part of their charm. So, let's see how the tarot court cards take "action," and how they can be some of the best cards to get in an outcome or action position in a spread. The next time a court card comes up in one of these action positions, you can use the information below as a guide of how to move forward.

The Suit of Wands: Light Stuff Up! (Not literally; put the lighter away...)

  • The Page of Wands: Acts through play. They play pretend and make-believe. They have childlike enthusiasm and love to mix it up; they like a little bit of dramatic chaos. Imagination is their ally.
  • The Knight of Wands: Acts by going off the beaten track. They crave new experiences and new paths, and will happily take risks. Blaze your own trail.
  • The Queen of Wands: Acts by putting a mask on and pretending everything is okay. Don't let them see you sweat. Also loves the limelight; she doesn't hide away and also demands attention. Shine on, baby, shine!
  • The King of Wands: Acts without waiting for permission. Always there to encourage and inspire others. It is your life, experience it.

The Suit of Cups: Feel It, Do It

  • The Page of Cups: Acts by putting themselves in the other person's shoes. They will seek out the solution that feels right. They talk to the heart. Your feelings matter.
  • The Knight of Cups: Acts for the the thrill of the chase. They romanticize experiences. They act on behalf of beauty, pleasure, and people. Love is a powerful motivator.
  • The Queen of Cups: Acts on their intuition. They are not rushed, as they know when it's right to do so. They will wait for their inner compass to point north and then will move forward. You don't need proof to act.
  • The King of Cups: Acts when they have found the emotional root cause. They don't mind being disruptive in the short term because they know in the long term it actually heals and changes things in a big way. Get clear on why you are where you are.

The Suit of Pentacles: Practically Perfect in Every Way

  • The Page of Pentacles: Acts by breaking things down to see how they works. They will want hands-on experience and to get into the thick of things. They also want to know how to put people and situations back together. Get back to basics.
  • The Knight of Pentacles: Acts by taking the next step forward only. Not concerned with long term or big plans, just the next move. They are slow and steady, and not easy to overwhelm. One thing at a time, one step at a time.
  • The Queen of Pentacles: Acts through healing. They are nurturing and encouraging. Acts of self-love, compassion, and forgiveness are all in their realm. Take care of yourself.
  • The King of Pentacles: Takes practical, down-to-earth steps and actions. All change or action is slow. No one makes their decisions for them and they are not easily swayed. Keep it simple, silly.

The Suit of Swords: Think, See, Do

  • The Page of Swords: Acts by researching and asking a lot of questions. They want to gather as much information as possible and take educated action and steps forward. Why is an important question to answer.
  • The Knight of Swords: They just act. They don't over-think things and act on instinct. They defend people and ideals; they stand for something, even when they know it may hurt. Don't wait, just do.
  • The Queen of Swords: Takes action on what is the most fair. They seek out the truth, not an illusion or what you want or what is maybe the easiest path. They act on what IS.
  • The King of Swords: They act for humanity. They move on what is in the best interest of the many and communities, the many over the few. The big picture matters.

Even if you don't do what is suggested here, it will allow you to see your choices from the perspective of the tarot court cards. It may inspire you to see things from a completely new point of view. It may also get you out of your comfort zone and embody a new part of yourself.

Every tarot court card is going to react and act differently to situations and problems. They are going to tackle things in different ways and resist certain changes. By embodying the tarot court cards the next time you have an obstacle in your way, you are giving yourself sixteen options to move forward. Even if that means you have to take a step sideways or a step back to get your stuff in order before you launch ahead, it is so much better than staying still for too long.


**This article was not written by Celestial 333 and/or Intuitively Speaking. The original post can be found here: https://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/2364**


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