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Throughout the initial start of my journey, I could not believe how many different aspects of manifesting there was available to me. It seemed like there was also something new to learn and I wanted to try everything. I went out in search of the ultimate spiritual shop. One that had beautiful crystals, tarot decks for divination, candles for magick and books to learn more. After a long search, I found 2 great shops that when combined became that ultimate shop. After everything closed during 2020, I was not able to find my ultimate shop online. I was guided to fulfill this need for the spiritual community. I named it Celestial 333 out of the celestial/Divine guidance to manifest this vision. I was seeing 333 so much during this time that I tatted it on me.

Celestial 333 Metaphysical continues to evolve into a place for every spiritual being. It does not matter where you are on your spiritual journey. I hope that you grow to love this space as much as I do. Please feel free to send me a message via email or social media for things you would love or want to see in this shop. Your voice matters!


Shan Speaks

During my awakening journey, it took a long time to find that special metaphysical shop that had every thing that might interest me on my journey. It took even longer to find a store whose energy I resonated with, could trust for answers to all my questions and didn't break my pocket.

I manifested Celestial 333 Metaphysical shop because I wanted to give others what I wish I had on my journey.  A wide range of high quality products, affordable prices and to get it home as fast as possible! 

This shop will help you embrace your divinity! 💫

Nonprofit Organizations I Love

A portion of every order goes to a nonprofit organization that supports indigenous and underprivileged people.

Face Africa -

Free the Slaves -

Friends of the Congo -

Institute for Education of Women in Africa and the Diaspora -

Invisible Girl Project -

Kore Haiti -

MentorHer Ghana -

Native American Children's Alliance -

Native Wellness Institute -


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