Meet the Team

The Visionary

Shan Speaks
IG: celestial333ms
Hi 💜 I'm Shan!
During my awakening journey, it took a long time to find that special metaphysical shop that had every thing that might interest me on my journey. It took even longer to find a store whose energy I resonated with, could trust for answers to all my questions and didn't break my pocket.

I manifested Celestial 333 Metaphysical shop because I wanted to give others what I wish I had on my journey.  A wide range of high quality products, affordable prices and to get it home as fast as possible! 

This shop will help you embrace your divinity! 💫

The Artist

Alia Michelle 

Alia Michelle is a self-taught Traditional/Digital artist from the outskirts of Philadelphia.

Her art mission- realized in her “Unapologetic” Series, has been to bring awareness to and destigmatize the magic of being a woman.

You can find more of her work and contact information through her Instagram

The Astrologer

Trenton Wayne
IG: trentonwayneastrology
Trenton Wayne is a spiritual analyst based out of New York and Los Angeles. In 2018, he began his studies with Tropical astrology which ultimately led to his spiritual awakening. “My biggest realisation for my purpose in this life came from understanding my natal chart.” In May 2020, Trenton opened his spiritual business entitled Trenton Wayne Astrology Practise, which he continues to build on today.

The Herbalist

MoreFyah Herbal
IG: morefyaherbal
I'm Kiah Moreya, the owner and creator of MoreFya Herbal Teas and Smoke Blends. I am a self-taught herbalist, master gardener, former vegan chef and single mother of two. I use my gift of developing flavors to make intentionally crafted herbal teas and smoke blends in the hope that I can help enhance your daily ritual by showcasing the magic that herbs have to offer. From physical ailments to spiritual endeavors, I try to re-create herbal remedies that have been used by our ancestors for centuries with the goal of educating our people on alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs or tobacco usage.