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Celestial 333



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Honey Calcite is a bright, shining, golden color that exudes the energy of the Sun. It wants us to learn to shine brightly in this Life! Honey Calcite spiritual properties help us acknowledge our own personal power and recognize how to use it wisely. This crystal amplifies developing leadership skills. This Solar Plexus Chakra gemstone increases feelings of self worth, confidence and courage. This stone is extremely useful for Sales, Public Speaking, Job Interviews, Entrepreneurs and Social Situations.

Honey Calcite also supports us as we overcome obstacles to our goals. This is a crystal that provides motivation and determination. It won’t allow barriers and obstacles to discourage us and derail our dreams. It enables confidence and creative thinking to find solutions for the roadblocks we may be encountering. Meditate with Honey Calcite with the wish to dissolve obstacles and barriers (which could be situational, mental, emotional or karmic) and Honey Calcite will help clear the way!

Healing: Honey Calcite is exceptionally comforting when we feel overwhelmed.  It encourages us to validate our own emotions in the present moment and to recognize how our current situation is responsible for these feelings.  It helps us realize that our emotions make perfect sense, all things considered.  Once we feel emotionally-validated, Honey Calcite helps us figure out where our priorities are and what tasks we can tackle right away to improve our situation.  Honey Calcite gives us encouragement and helps us believe that we are fully capable of handling our life, solving our problems, and living well.  It reduces the urge to procrastinate, particularly when we are motivated by fear or perfectionism.  Honey Calcite has an incredibly positive energy that inspires courage and self-confidence.

Chakra: Sacral and Solar Plexus

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