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Zoom Goddess Lakshmi Mini Statue - Celestial 333
Zoom Goddess Lakshmi Mini Statue - Celestial 333

Goddess Lakshmi Mini Statue

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Always do your own research and do what resonates most with you. 

Lakshmi (Laxmi or Laksmi) is the Hindu goddess of wealth, good fortune, youth, and beauty. She is the wife of the great god Vishnu and the pair is often worshipped in tandem as Lakshmi-Narayana. 

In recent times, For Hindus, the goddess Lakshmi symbolizes good luck. The word Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity of all forms, both material and spiritual.

Creating your Altar:

Lakshmi is partial to aesthetic, and not just on the superficial level. She prefers beauty if it vibrates on a high level. She prefers tidiness because clutter is dissonant. She is compelled by sweet taste and aroma because it is fulfilling to the soul.

Keeping these things in mind, you may further invite the goddess into your space by laying an altar for her. Imagine that you are having her over as a houseguest – she would need somewhere to relax and refresh, so you must create it for her (and keep it tidy and beautiful).

Traditionally, it is said that when you are making offerings to her, it is important for you to be facing either North, East, or Northeast, so when you are selecting the space for her altar, whip out your smartphone and use the compass to orient yourself properly. This is not a total necessity if you cannot manage it, but it is always a good rule of thumb to respect the traditions you are paying tribute to.

Before we jump into a list of potent altar items, it is important to note that her partner Vishnu should also be present in your space. As they are two parts of a whole, Lakshmi will not stay for long if Vishnu is not near. A clear solution is to invite them both, to ensure that Lakshmi will make herself at home.

Once you have the groundwork laid, here are some recommendations for offering, but always remember to follow your own intuition:

  • Statue, plaque or image of the goddess Lakshmi (as well as Vishnu)
  • Objects in red, green, gold, hot pink
  • Lotus flowers or seeds
  • Roses in her colors
  • Stones in her colors
  • Stones for prosperity
  • Peacock feathers
  • Currency (we use Feng Shui coins and a dollar bill marked #7)
  • Honey
  • Tea (we use dried Golden Lotus tea in her offering bowl, and sprinkle some in a cup of water as well)
  • Sweet fruits
  • Candles
  • Sweet-smelling incense

It is also helpful to determine what objects are already sacred to you, and include a few of those for her as well. Be sure to check in with the space daily, clearing away anything that looks withered or otherwise "used" or spoiled. If you have not been getting the intended results, take everything off, clean it with a besom or clean cloth, and rearrange it intuitively.

Goddess Lakshmi Mini Statue



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How are your crystals sourced?

Aside from ensuring that our crystals are authentic prior to purchasing, we also wanted to make sure our crystals are not being mined in a low vibrational environment. We searched long and hard to vet out suppliers that have proven ethical sourcing practices. We ask the hard questions and ask for proof such as pictures.

Ethical sourcing to us means that crystals are mined honestly, and miners are not children, are paid appropriately and are in safe working conditions. They also ensure that minors are taking these crystals from the earth with care and respect to the lands and people.

Isn't using White Sage bad?

In the past, we have purchased white sage without understanding the detriment it caused to the Native American spiritual communities. We recognize that something should be done to curve cultural appropriation around the world, yet still honor the knowledge we gain from being a global society. As a black-owned business we take honoring indigenous people very seriously.

To rectify our mistakes, a portion of every order is donated to indigenous charities, including Native Americans, you can read more about this here. You may also donate at checkout as well. We have also reduced the amount of White Sage sold here, while extensively teaching multiple ways to clear energy without the use of White Sage in our blogs, product descriptions and social media.


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On every order, a portion of the profit goes to a vetted charitable organization. The charities selected are by the people for their indigenous culture. This not only heals the current culture but our ancestors and future generations. We also source from ethical suppliers.

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