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Celestial 333

Oracle Reading

Oracle Reading

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Peace and Blessings!

I am Shan, a highly intuitive oracle using my most powerful gifts of clairaudience (clear hearing), clairalience (clear smelling), clairvoyance (clear seeing) and claircognizance (clear knowing). I also use astrology, intuition and personal wisdom in my reading. As a channel to various realms, I only work with high vibrational and loving energies to provide you with divine guidance. With 6 years of experience as an oracle reader, I have served clients from all over the world.

My readings are honest, enlightening, and deep. I specialize in spiritual readings for those seeking alignment with their highest self. This means I will not guide you to stay in toxic situations or sugarcoat the truth.

If you are ready to make real change within your spirit, please choose the service that resonates most with you. Once you have placed an order, you will be emailed a calendar link to schedule your appointment. All readings will take place via Zoom or Google Meet. Video is optional.

Please note that healing readings should not replace therapy with a licensed professional. It can be used in conjunction with my readings for deeper healing.

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