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Celestial 333

Shango Statue

Shango Statue

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Shango is often associated with the "divine masculine." As an Orisha of thunder and lightning, Shango represents the power and strength of male energy, which is why he is often depicted as a warrior, a leader, and a protector.

Since Shango embodies many traits associated with traditional masculinity, such as courage, bravery, and assertiveness, he is seen as a symbol of male virility and sexual energy, as well as the father figure and protector of his followers.

Men will often turn to Shango for his guidance and blessings to embody these qualities in their lives. The Orisha is seen as a mentor to young men, teaching them to be strong and confident and to take on leadership roles in their communities.

Petitioned for 

  • Petition him to share a little of his essence: he provides fertility, luck in love, and male sexual prowess
  • Courage and justice
  • Divine justice, retribution, and protection
  • To provide victory over enemies and protects from all evil
  • To break hexes, curses, and evil spells

Colors: Red and white

Number: 6 

Offerings: Shango likes his food spicy and his portions large. Offer red foods, like red apples and red palm oil. His favorite meals include yams, corn, and peppers as well as cooked crab. He drinks red wine, rum, and cachaça. Other offerings include cascarilla powder (powdered eggshell) and sugarcane.

Children: Shangó's children are like their father, strong willed, energetic, full of fire, extraordinarily intelligent, sometimes arrogant and self-absorbed.  They often have stormy tempers, although they like to have a good time, go to parties, flirt, dance.  They're very charismatic and like to be the center of attention.  

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