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Ogun is the West African spirit of iron. He is iron. Hold a knife or horseshoe in your hand and you hold Ogun. Ogun is the patron of metalworkers who traditionally also serve as shamans, sorcerers, healers, and ritual leaders. Ogun is also the patron of anyone who works with metal in any capacity, including jewelers, surgeons, law enforcement officers, chefs, cab and bus drivers, soldiers … the list is endless. Veneration of Ogun is at least as old as the Iron Age, which in Africa began approximately 500 BCE.

Ogun is invoked to heal diseases affecting blood, including AIDS, leukemia, and sickle-cell anemia. He is invoked for safety and success before surgery. He also heals infertility and erectile dysfunction. Request his protection from crime and criminals. He finds employment for devotees.

Also known as:
Ogou; Gu; Ogoun; Ogu; Ogum

Red, black, sometimes green, sometimes red and white (the colors of heated iron), or blue and red (the colors of the Haitian flag)

Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday)


Cyperus esculentus called Espada de Ogum in Brazil and yellow nutsedge in English, among the earliest cultivated edible plants. Also garlic, roseMary, black pepper, chilé peppers, and many medicinal herbs.

Mars, Earth (because iron is mined from Earth)


Red candles, cigars, rum, palm wine, whisky, aguardiente, or other alcoholic beverage—especially overproof rum—salt, dragon’s blood incense, metal, chains, metal tools, railroad spikes. Fill a cauldron with found pieces of metal, miniature ritual tools, full-size tools, toy cars, planes or other vehicles (make sure they’re metal, not plastic). If you cook for him, he likes his food spicy: add lots of hot peppers or hot sauce. Dress offerings with red palm oil. Offer roasted yams, red beans, red rice, mangos, and/or meat.

Orisha Ogun Statue


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Ethical sourcing to us means that crystals are mined honestly, and miners are not children, are paid appropriately and are in safe working conditions. They also ensure that minors are taking these crystals from the earth with care and respect to the lands and people.

Isn't using White Sage bad?

In the past, we have purchased white sage without understanding the detriment it caused to the Native American spiritual communities. We recognize that something should be done to curve cultural appropriation around the world, yet still honor the knowledge we gain from being a global society. As a black-owned business we take honoring indigenous people very seriously.

To rectify our mistakes, a portion of every order is donated to indigenous charities, including Native Americans, you can read more about this here. You may also donate at checkout as well. We have also reduced the amount of White Sage sold here, while extensively teaching multiple ways to clear energy without the use of White Sage in our blogs, product descriptions and social media.


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