Celestial Inner-G

The Elements are energies, and manifestations of energy, that make up the entire universe. Manipulating them to create one's desires are what we call magick. However, the word magic has been taught to mean something deceptive or illusive. As Divine beings, these energies exist within us, our Celestial Inner-G, our natural Divinity.

Blazing Manifestations

Candles symbolize the self and the other attributes, the candle color, the crystals and herbs added are the intentions. The flame of the fire is the willpower and focus that manifests.

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Watery Guidance

The element of water guides intuition and enhances psychic abilities with divination tools. Keep a chalice of water nearby to see the elemental influence.

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Magickal Earth

From crystals to herbs, trees and dirt, the earth provides every thing that we need for magick. This planet is divine.

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Expansive Winds

Air carries thoughts, messages and ideas around the world, allowing them to evolve over time like the ultimate game of telephone. Desires are spoken into existence.

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Spiritual Awareness

Channel the energies and assistance from a deity that aligns with their associated intentions. Spiritually, all is connected and share the same energies.

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