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5 Signs That Your Energy Needs Aligning

Often after a healing session, clients will ask, "When do I need to come back?" I tell people that there is no set answer to this question because everyone is different. But I do note that they will feel an immediate change in their energy after their session, which continues to shift for about a week. Once everything clears out, they feel energetically aligned, focused, and directed—like they know exactly what they need to do in life. When they stop feeling that way, it's time to come back and realign.

The concept of alignment for this purpose means clearing and unifying all the layers of the aura with the chakras and the soul path. There are several key indicators in our energetic fields that signify we are in need of alignment. We may be able to work through some of it on our own and shift, but when people experience one or all of the indicators listed in this article, their spirit guides will lead them to the right place, when they are ready to align. When we clear and align, we shift our energy to a higher frequency and allow ourselves to live a more fulfilling life. Below are five signals that your energy needs to be aligned.

    1. Inability to Focus
      Often when we're overwhelmed in life, we find our thoughts scattered all over like puzzle pieces on the floor. We may struggle to put them all in order and see the bigger picture. We may also feel dizzy or off balance. When our thoughts are all over, most of our energy is in our heads rather than aligned properly from the head to the base of the spine. At times like these, we need grounding. When we ground ourselves, we pull our energy down through all the chakras from the head to the feet and into the Earth. After grounding, we also need to clear the mental layer of the aura and balance it. In doing so, we allow the mind to slow down and we pull all that extra energy that has been stuck up in the head through the entire body. This allows us to feel more centered and present and to control our thoughts. If we cannot center ourselves and slow our minds down, we should consider getting some healing work done.

    2. Experiencing Emotional Unrest
      Emotional unrest is another aspect of misalignment. This can manifest is emotions that range from anger to sadness and anything in between. We may experience shifts in mood or irritability. The irritability can be caused things in our current lives triggering things from our past that need to be cleared and released. What is actually happening is that some of our old thought patterns and energetic imprints are shifting out and as they clear, they hit the emotional layer of the aura and we feel the emotions attached to the experiences. Once they clear, the emotions settle but other experiences may be triggered and move up to be cleared, and we feel good for a day or so and then emotions bubble up again and hit the emotional layer to clear and we feel a surge in emotions, again. Sometimes we can work through small shifts on our own, but if we are clearing something big and we find ourselves in that state of emotional unrest for a long time, we need to clear and align with the assistance of a healing facilitator.

    3. Disruptive Sleep Patterns
      When our energy field is jumbled, it's hard to relax our bodies and settle our minds. Sometimes the physical layer of the aura is not in sync with the mental or emotional layers. This means that the energy is the layers is not flowing properly because of a situation or experience that does not resonate with our field. As a result, we might be very tired but unable to sleep consistently. We might wake up several times during the night and then be unable to go back to sleep. Even if we manage to get a couple of hours of sleep, because it was interrupted and not a deep level, we rise in the morning feeling tired. If we experience disruptive sleep patterns for a prolonged period and cannot correct it ourselves, we should consider an energetic alignment.

    4. Repetitive Patterns
      We attract repetitive experiences and people that carry similar traits and lessons because they are helping us recognize patterns and old thought forms in us that need to be released. For example, a person may find themselves attracting friends that are all takers or have narcissist personalities. This can be frustrating for that person, but what is he being shown by people constantly taking from his time and energy? Perhaps he is working on a solar plexus lesson of embracing his personal power or maybe a heart-chakra centered lesson of loving and respecting himself. We keep attracting the same experiences and people because there is something imprinted in our field that needs to clear. It's kind of like a little magnet is stored in the energetic field attracting all the people and experiences needed to call your attention to everything you have to clear and heal. When we find ourselves stuck in patterns and confused by why we keep running into the same thing over, we need to recognize the patterns, clear the imprints, and align ourselves.

    5. Discomfort or Pain in the Physical Body
      When we have ignored many of the other signs of the need for alignment, we might experience pain in our physical bodies. Physical pain is meant to call our attention to something that we are ignoring or have been ignoring for a while. It is as if the soul is saying to us, "Hey, stop overlooking everything! Maybe if you feel this intense pain, you will pay attention to its root." We can take pain medications to alleviate the symptoms, but unless we address the root of issue, the physical pain will remain after the medicine wears off. An example of this is seen with long-term physical back pain. Anything on the back of the body represents energy of the past. People with intense back pain have difficulty of letting go of things that have happened in their pasts. When we work on the front of the body, this is the energy of the present. People with intense back pain can go to therapy and talk through it and clear perhaps the emotional and mental layers of the aura. They also need to clear all the imprints of the past stored in their energetic fields. When we find ourselves experiencing pain in our bodies, we need to ask what it is about and if we can clear it on our own. If we can release it on our own, our vibrations will allow us to process and let it go. If we are too attached to the experiences, we may need someone at a different vibrational frequency to help us let it go.

Our souls communicate what we need through our physical bodies. It is important for us to recognize the signs of when our energetic fields need alignment. If we ignore the signs, they will persist and become more prominent. We will clear energy and imprints on our own of what our vibrations will allow. If we need a different frequency to help us clear something, our souls will guide us to someone who can help us heal ourselves on a deeper level—allow your soul guide you to what your energy needs.


 **This article was not written by Celestial 333 and/or Intuitively Speaking. The original post can be found here: https://www.llewellyn.com/journal/article/2644**



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