Honoring Indigenous Cultures for Collective Enlightenment

Honoring Indigenous Cultures for Collective Enlightenment

Indigenous People has been defined as first people's whose land was colonized by another ethnic group. Colonization can be defined as the process of establishing foreign control over target territories or people for the purpose of appropriating it for one's own use.

In the process of colonization, colonizers may impose their religion, language, economics, and other cultural practices to dominate the land. Often indigenous people were enslaved, murdered and robbed of their human rights. Colonizers created a world where future generations were filled with hardships and trauma. 

Today, Indigenous people are often marginalized and face discrimination in their countries’ legal systems, leaving them even more vulnerable to violence and abuse. Slavery, economic disparities, physical and mental abuse including spiritual abuse through appropriation continues to be an issue today. 

The indigenous people of this planet has contributed divine enlightenment that continues to lift the collective consciousness. Through understanding our connection of the elements, animals, inner awareness, time and space, we have began to realize our true divine energy, using it to manifest powerfully. Many have profited off of this knowledge without consideration to its indigenous origins.

In awareness of this, you will find charities for some of the indigenous people and their descendants all over the world. Choosing the list below was an emotional experience since there were so many to choose from but only a few could be selected. Ultimately, it came down to how can I help the most amount of people now and in the future. These charities focus on assisting in their mental/physical/spiritual wellness, and ending the economic disparities, violence and abuse that exist today.  

All Sales Donate to the following Nonprofit Organizations:  

Face Africa - www.faceafrica.org
Free the Slaves - www.freetheslaves.net
Friends of the Congo - www.friendsofthecongo.org
Institute for Education of Women in Africa and the Diaspora - www.iewad.org
Invisible Girl Project - invisiblegirlproject.org
Kore Haiti - www.korehaiti.org
MentorHer Ghana - www.mentorherghana.org
Native American Children's Alliance - www.nativechildalliance.org
Native Wellness Institute - www.nativewellness.com
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