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Celestial 333

Babalawo Statue - Wood

Babalawo Statue - Wood

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This hand carved and one of a kind statue was made in Uganda. 


Babalawos are essential to the Yoruba/Ifa culture and the world. They are the Custodians, Traditional Doctors, and Healers derived originally from West Africa, Nigeria. As the father of all secrets, a Babalawo is a servant of Ifa and the deity Orunmila.

The word Babalawo in Yoruba culture means "Father of Mysteries."

A Babalawo/Iyanifa performs spiritual consultations and ebos (rituals), makes medicines, and is well-educated in the history of the Yoruba culture. A Babalawo/Iyanifa is a teacher and author who spreads the culture through written information. They can communicate with the ancestors and Irunmole by chanting their oriki (praise poetry). Babalawos/Iyanifas can see the past, present, and future by using the divination system of Ifa.

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