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Celestial 333

Inle Statue

Inle Statue

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Inle or Erinle is an Orisha (deity) belonging to the Yoruba religion, which is characterized as a great sorcerer, doctor and healer. Before Ozain, he was the most knowledgeable of the power of botany and the healing properties of nature. He is considered the patron of doctors, nurses and any profession related to medicine. His essence is represented in three fundamental aspects: man, king and man-fish.

Inle is a major Orisha (deity) of the Yoruba religion, he is known as the doctor of the Osha, for which he is considered the patron of medical sciences. He is also a skilled fisherman, and owner of the place where the waters of the river meet those of the sea, where he lives happily.

Petitioned for 

  • In all kinds of afflictions and diseases that human beings can acquire.
  • This Orisha (Erinle) is a prosecutor, therefore, she intervenes when there are problems of justice.
  • See to it that disputes are brought to fruition.
  • It is appropriate to call prosperity.
  • Contribute to getting jobs in a timely manner.
  • Helps keep secrets that you do not want to spread.
  • It is excellent for fighting spiritual wars.

Colors: Blue with Yellow 

Number: 24 

Offerings: Guava, sweet wine, orange, fish seasoned with ground crackers, mashed potatoes 

ChildrenInle's children are often very intuitive, empathetic, perceptive, humble, personable, sensitive, stimulating, dedicated, caring, creative, generous, romantic, bohemian, caring, friendly, dreamy, social, conservative, and godly.

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