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Lavender & Rosemary Smudge Stick - Celestial 333

Lavender & Rosemary Smudge Stick


A masculine herb associated with the planet mercury for communication and the element of air. Lavender has long been used in love spells and sachets. Clothing with the fragrant flowers attracts love. A piece of paper on which you rubbed lavender is excellent for writing love notes. These flowers are also burned or smolder to induce sleep and rest and are scattered about the home to maintain its peacefulness.

Lavender is also used in healing mixtures, carried to see ghosts, and worn to protect against the evil eye. It is added to purification baths.

One of the oldest herbs used for smudging and incense, Rosemary has a very strong energy for cleansing and purifying vibrations. Can be used to protect someone while they sleep, ward off nightmares, and prevent psychic attack. Ideal to burn before any magical practices or divination. Rosemary has a similar high vibe as Frankincense.

Smudging is a spiritual practice with proven benefits of cleansing the air of microbes. To begin, open a window or door to allow the low vibes to escape. Move the smoke into all corners of your space keeping your intention in mind. Once the space is cleared allow the herbs to burn out or gently press them into a heat proof vessel.

3-4" Long

This is for (1) smudge stick.

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Lavender & Rosemary Smudge Stick


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