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Celestial 333

Chime Ritual Candles

Chime Ritual Candles

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These candles are the perfect size if you want a quick turn around time on your candle magick! 

Check out our mini candle holders to hold your ritual candle. 

Color Meanings: 

Black - Safety, Protection, Absorbing/Repelling/Banishing Negative Energy

White - Peace, Purity, Healing, Divination

Red - Passion, Strength, Career, Action

Pink - Friendship, Reconciliation, Self Love, Happiness

Green - Growth, Luck, Mother Earth, Money, Health 

Yellow - Intelligence, Memory, Clarity, Confidence

Purple - Spiritual Power, Spirituality, Intuition, Meditation

Gold - Prosperity, Success, Personal Power, Manifestation, Divine Masculine

Silver - Divine Feminine, Prophecy, Dreams, Subconscious 

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