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Celestial 333

Ogun Candle

Ogun Candle

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Ogun is the West African spirit of iron. He is iron. Hold a knife or horseshoe in your hand and you hold Ogun. Ogun is the patron of metalworkers who traditionally also serve as shamans, sorcerers, healers, and ritual leaders.

Ogun is a powerful and revered Orisha within the Yoruba religion and Santeria He is often depicted as either a blacksmith or a warrior holding a sword and a shield. Ogun is considered to be one of the oldest Orishas and is known as the god of energy, creativity, war, hunting, and invention.

Ogun holds a special place in Yoruba mythology as the first Orisha to descend to Earth to find suitable habitation for future human life. One of his praise names is Osin Imole, meaning "first of the primordial Orisha to come to Earth."

Petition for 

  • To heal  diseases affecting blood, including AIDS, leukemia, and sickle-cell anemia
  • Safety and success before surgery
  • Job search and employment for   anyone who works with metal in any capacity, including jewelers, surgeons, law enforcement officers, chefs, cab and bus drivers, soldiers, etc. 
  • To heal infertility and erectile dysfunction 
  • Protection from crime and criminals  

Colors: Green and black

Number: 3 and 7

Offerings: Ogun has a big appetite and will eat almost anything - plantains, grapes, smoked fish and watermelons. Cigars, rum, metal toys or tools.

Children: Determined, brave, tireless worker, internally strong, creative and skilled in crafts, competitive, not afraid of change, passionate, independent 

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