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Other Indigenous

In the realm of spirit and tradition, paths often cross and intertwine, revealing a shared lineage of wisdom. Our collection, inspired by indigenous practices beyond Africa, is a tribute to this universal spiritual heritage. Here, you'll find sacred items that celebrate the profound connections and common threads woven through the world's diverse mystical customs.
Other Indigenous




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Goddess Lakshmi Mini Statue - Celestial 333
Goddess Lakshmi Mini Statue - Celestial 333
Celestial 333 Incense White Sage Incense
White Sage & Lavender - Small - Celestial 333
Moon Goddess Statue - Celestial 333
White Sage & Rue Smudge Stick - Celestial 333
Tree of Life Altar Cloth - Celestial 333
Tree of Life Chime - Celestial 333
Triple Moon Brass Bell - Celestial 333
Celestial 333 Tools Triple Moon Brass Bell
Triple Moon Dreamcatcher - Celestial 333
Sitting Tara Mini Statue - Celestial 333
Celestial 333 Statues Sitting Tara Mini Statue
Om Pendulum Mat - Celestial 333
Om Pendulum - Celestial 333
Celestial 333 Incense Om Incense
Hamsa Hand - Celestial 333
Celestial 333 Decor Hamsa Hand
Ganesha Incense Holder - Celestial 333

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