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Celestial 333



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Malachite Tumbled Stone is that crystal friend you go to when you want unfiltered advice regarding your finances and love life. Connect with its energy to reflect on what you need to shift to transform these areas of your life. Working with it encourages you to take the action needed to remove any negative patterns. Malachite provides such an intense force that it is known as the Power Stone. 

Call on Malachite when you are ready for a spiritual transformation. It has a strong, aggressive energy, effective in releasing trapped emotions and bringing change. Malachite breaks unwanted ties and bad habits. It helps you to become more independent and responsible for your actions. It releases inhibitions and encourages you to express your true feelings. It releases psychosomatic problems developed in this life or a past life. If you are already balanced, confident, and optimistic, Malachite will increase these energies. Malachite is also a stone of abundance, luck, and prosperity

Important notes for empaths: 

  • Malachite enhances negative and positive energies, so it is only recommended for use on mellow, yin energy people or in balance with a softer stone.
  • Working with Malachite can be draining as it clears out your aura of negative experiences. You may want to balance Malachite with soothing stones like Rose Quartz and Aventurine.
  • Malachite's energy may cause slight heart palpitations. If you are feeling uncomfortable, remove it immediately and replace it with a gentler stone.

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