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Celestial 333

Obatala Bracelet

Obatala Bracelet

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Single strand adjustable bracelet associated with the Orisha Obatala

Obatala is the father figure that watches over all younger Orishas. He is revered as the king of kings and the creator of all mankind. Under the power of his father Olorun, Obatala created the Earth and all of the living things that inhabit it. He is the Orisha of leadership, knowledge, justice, those who are handicapped, and the military.

Once a strong warrior who witnessed terrible acts of violence, this patient and compassionate deity provides kindness to those who pray to him. Obatala presides over the other Orishas and intervenes in their arguments and disagreements. He is widely respected as a fair and patient judge.

Petition for 

  • Court cases where you are innocent 
  • Karmic justice or any injustices 
  • Difficult times where strength is needed 
  • Wisdom and clarity
  • Peace and serenity

Colors: White

Number: 8 and 16

Offerings: White cloth, white lace, white beads and cowries, white flowers, bland and white foods, silver coins, and silver jewelry

Children: Very intellectual, strong-willed, balance judgement, analytical, family is very important to them, very refined paternal/maternal instinct 

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