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Celestial 333

Olokun Statue

Olokun Statue

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He is an androgynous Orisha that can take on any form. The guardian of the deepest depths of the sea, Olokun is the owner of the oceans and all of the riches that they possess. The deep sea is his kingdom and he resides there happily. 

They possess unmatchable wisdom and govern over dreams, wealth, prosperity, meditation, and healing. Olokun is respected as an authority over all other water deities.

Petition for

  • Blessings, health and prosperity
  • Material growth

Colors: Blue, white and black 

Number: 7 and 9 

Offerings: All fruits, cooked yams, grains, melons and molasses

Children: Children of Olokun specifically tend to travel a lot and be very busy people. Many if not most are in physically dangerous professions or are seamen. They tend to be passionate lovers, but they are not able to fully commit to one partner.

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