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Celestial 333

Oshun Cologne

Oshun Cologne

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Use this cologne for love, money drawing, fertility and romance. Used in "sweet baths" and works for Oshun.

Oshun, Spirit of Sweet Water, is the embodiment of love and romance, wealth, beauty, abundance, and magical knowledge. Oshun has dominion over things that flow: water, honey, love, money, mother’s milk, and so forth.

Her power extends over various parts of the human anatomy, particularly the reproductive organs.

Petitioned for

  • Personal fertility and
  • To heal reproductive disorders.
  • She fulfills devotees’ wishes, providing wealth, employment, love, beauty, and protection.
  • Oshun is a powerful witch and an expert at divination.

Colors: Yellow and white 

Number: 5

Offerings: Oranges, peaches, yellow rice, shellfish, almond, pumpkin, fans, shells, mirrors, peacock, sunflower

ChildrenOshun's children are generally characterized as maternal, hospitable, charitable, compassionate, receptive, thrifty, with an excellent memory, imaginative, sensitive, romantic, good hosts, generous, caring, protective, patriotic, and somewhat outgoing.

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