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Celestial 333

Yemaya Cologne

Yemaya Cologne

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Used for spiritual work with Yemaya, can be used in baths, floor washes or given as an offering. 

Yemaya has profound associations with the sea and saltwater. She resides in the sea, she is the spirit of the sea, and she is the sea, literally present in ocean water. Her nature resembles that of the sea: profound, beautiful, filled with treasure and generosity but also potentially tempestuous. Yemaya generously bestows abundance, wealth, healing, love, and fertility, but she is also the essence of tidal waves and rip currents.

Yemaya, a profoundly powerful orisha, may be petitioned for:

• Anything possibly considered a “woman’s issue”

• Fertility and reproductive issues

• Protection from domestic violence, which she despises

• Protection when traveling over the sea

Colors: Blue and White 

Number: 7 and all its multiples 

Offeringswhite flowers, white roses and watermelon, conch shell, mirror, chayote

ChildrenYemaya's children tend to be strong willed, independent women who know what they want and how to get it.  They sincerely care for other people and can see different perspectives.  Yemaya's daughters are domestic and protective of their children. 

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